Electronic Hookah


Welcome to the world of E-Hookah!


Say hello to the 777 E-Hookah. These Hookahs are the next generation in vaping. Now you and your friends can enjoy Hookah with out the overwhelming tobacco smell and ashes everywhere.


These systems are completely electronic with no coals or cones to deal with. Each pipe can hold a different flavored Go-Go Juice for sharing. Filling the cartridges is a snap. Assembling the hookah is very easy and quick. You can fill the beautiful glass base with water for an even bigger “hookah effect”. The Hookah systems come in two colors: Ragin' Red and Boombastic Blue!


With each kit you get your choice of 1 30ML Bottle of your favorite Happy Hippie Go-GO Juice flavor, and 5 disposable cartomizers to add the flavor to!


***Don’t forget to get an extra 30ML Bottle of Go-Go Juice so you can run two flavors at once, and pick up additional cartridges as well***

Electronic Hookah
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